2662. Physics Safety Tip 

title text: In general, avoid exposure to any temperatures, pressures, particle energies, or states of matter that physicists think are neat.


Another too close connection, another overcrowded train. At least it's the final one. And the more people tell me it "will all be fine once the 9€ ticket ends" the less I believe it. It feels like a factor, sure (though comparing to peak time experiences in past years, maybe less than one would at first think) but it certainly isn't the only one, and it starts to sound like an excuse, a convenient lie we tell ourselves to place all the blame on a single new thing that can be "fixed" and avoid any structural criticism that would require structural solutions.

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Spontaneous announcement as the train pulls into Andernach: actually, we're not going to Koblenz after all. Who wants to go there, anyway? We've nearly an hour of delay, we'll just end here.

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As the effects of this whole mess continue to cascade through NRW, my connection got enough of a delay for a window to open again. Honestly watching that sort of impossible connection turn viable again is kinda exciting. Now let's hope the train actually shows...

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Just spent 17 minutes stopped in Hagen with no explanation; unfortunately by the time I was considering alternatives the helpful option had just departed. Plan F might be bad.

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Arrived in Unna; plan E is kaput because the RE7 to Krefeld on the opposite platform just departed in front of our eyes the moment we arrived, that's always fun. Time for plan F then.

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The first search engine which figures out how to ignore machine-generated nonsense farms will be as transformative as Google was in the early days vs Alta Vista and Yahoo and whatever. Seriously: would you like to be Google-founder rich? Solve this.

"Dear passengers, no matter what the signage outside says, this train is going to Dortmund at 12:43. I will take a few minutes to secure 4 road crossings, but we are definitely going to Dortmund.". (signs outside and the online app are - apparently in error - marking that journey as cancelled, too)

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So for nearly two hours now I've not been able to leave Soest Hbf, for lack of literally a single train going in any direction bar the one I came from. They keep being cancelled, and more people keep piling up. One of those days, then.

So, uhm, I've been binging a bunch of Philosophy Tube's backlog after a fortuitous algorithmic suggestion, and it plays rather well with my recently re-ignited (though long-preexisting) interest in the humanities, and it makes me want to like, write random stuff about it. Should I start a blog? Would any human out there actually read it? ...does it matter, if I'm mostly doing it for myself anyway?

i wonder what my posts taste like to the sharks chewing on the transatlantic internet cable

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