@foxhkron whee. Don't you love it when the stuff you've built your entire personal tech around starts breaking?

Passwords suck and they're hard to do well. You (and your mom, and your boss) should be using a password manager and using a different, strong, randomly generated password for every service.


You should also turn on two-factor authentication for every service, using either a hardware token or a standalone 2FA app (*not* SMS!):



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Well this spread far further than I expected. To those who said yes, see if you can spot me :P

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@dtgeek you know, there's no algorithm that'll spot your words, and relatively few bots (plus searching globally isn't really reliable anyway), so this sort of word mutilation is largely pointless, and will possibly annoy people who use word filters to block out content :p

@blumlaut well, now I'm a Vodafone customer. I still can't tell you if service got better or worse, but I had multiple outages this month.

Hey Fedi, do you know if there is a federated (perhaps even #ActivityPub-powered) cooking recipe hosting service? If not, let's πŸ‘ make πŸ‘ this πŸ‘ happen!

I hate modern recipe websites. All of them are full with ads and tracking. The leading recipe hosting in my country loads over 30 different trackers, and that's excluding the ads!

@tante he's just changed the audience he's trying to cater to, really. During the Obama era he "played along" a bit to appeal to progressives and sell his expensive cars, now he's found a better audience I suppose. I've no idea what he actually believes, but this *does* seem more like him than previous versions.

Elon Musk hasn't "recently had a right wing turn". He always was a cringy edgelord whose companies have been criticized for racism and massive exploitation.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. Even if they build electric cars or rockets.

@blumlaut With that speed I assume you're with Our New Cable Overlords(tm)?

@asonix I'd stay far away from Gentoo (come at me) because I have a limited lifespan and I'd rather not spend hours waiting for stuff to compile :P
Arch is an old friend, but definitely an acquired taste. Probably can't go too wrong with Ubuntu or variants, but they're kinda boring ._.
People have repeatedly attempted to sell me on Nix, so far to no avail. If you go with that please report back :P
Zero experience with Fedora, and I know little enough about RPM-based stuff I won't try it any time soon.

@asonix if I was reinstalling I'd go with Pop! OS despite the annoying spelling, simply because I've always wanted to try it. That being said I haven't run an actual desktop on Linux in a while...

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