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What fedi software do you like the most? pls boost! #mastodon #feditips

Since so many people said this should be multiple choice.
What fediverse software(s) do you use, please boost for scale.

Public Money, Public Code

#PublicMoneyPublicCode - Eine Kampagne, damit öffentlich finanzierte Software als Freie Software veröffentlicht wird



h a v e f u n

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

cursed thoughts, star trek, silly 

A groups of Cardassians who are really into late 80s, early 90s American culture petition the Detapa Council to rename their planet "Kickassia".

This is exactly why so many critics keep warning, keep telling people not to put their savings into this rigged lottery.


The Luna reddit forum is full of suicidal posts. Reminder that the crypto space may be zero sum (dollars in = dollars out) in financial terms, but not human terms.


Systems administrators when they have to administrate a system

Ping #fediverse

@kayden @jonas yeah i actually have no idea how my mail infrastructure works anymore i just sort of beat dovecot until it worked

i feel like it's a bad sign when your stablecoin community is talking about "buying the dip"

Like, we could use interoperability and other competition remedies to devolve moderation to smaller communities - IOW, just stop trying to scale moderation.

And/or we could adopt the Santa Clara Principles, developed by human rights and free expression advocates as a consensus position on balancing speech, safety and due process:


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I think I might have just had the most oddly uncomfortable experience of cancelling a contract in recent memory. So they wouldn't let me cancel by email, because they have this weird online process that still involves calling someone they have instead. Fine. So I kick it off online, only to be told I can't. I call the hotline instead, get a guy who asks why and I answer "you're going to more than double my monthly rate after the first 24 months and you didn't make me any decent offer to pay less" and he's like "fair, but for some reason I can't cancel for you, have you tried doing it online?" At this point I feel mildly like screaming. So just as a last shot before I write a letter, I call their dedicated cancellation hotline, where I get this guy who tries to get on this overly personal rapport and does finally make me a new offer, but that is still 60% more than I'm currently paying and *still* more than they ask for that same contract with new customers. I tell him as much, and he spends the next five minutes trying to convince me that any alternative I could step down to would definitely reduce my quality of service until he finally takes my answer and cancels the contract. Ugh, I hate people a bit.

I wished Signal wasn't such a bad piece of software (and it wouldn't push crypto bullshit). Telegram is a garbage fire as disinformation machine. WhatsApp actually works best but people don't use it cause Facebook.

So, "Bitcoin", "cryptocrash", and "Rothschild" are trending on German Twitter, but despite my initial fears they are in fact wholly unrelated. What a world we live in. (I should just stop looking over there, as it is I only end up on the bird site because I click links...)

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